Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our Summer So far...

Well I have some bad news! Our "waterproof" camera died this weekend. We took it to the pool and took a lot of awesome pictures to post on the blog, but I think some water got inside the camera. I am so mad. We just got that camera in May. We have taken it in the water several times and had no problem (since it is supposed to be WATERPROOF). Oh well. Since I don't have any new pictures to blog, I thought that I would post some pictures from our wonderful summer this year. Enjoy!

Cruise May 2008:

So I have the most amazing inlaws ever. Brian's parents suprised us this year with a cruise vacation! We flew into LA and sailed down to Cabo San Lucas. From Cabo we stopped at Mazalan and Puerta Vallarta. It was so much fun. The best part is that it just so happened to fall on our 1 year anniversary. How nice are they? Seriously, it was the best vacation. Thanks Bob and Cathi!

This is the Anderson Fam. Bob, Cathi, Brian, Me, Matt (Bri's Brother), and Lyndee (Matt's wife)

This is Lover's Beach in Cabo San Lucas. The tides were coming in so strong that day. It was very difficult to get to this side of the beach. We had to time the waves and run as fast as we could to avoid getting slammed against the rocks. There were a few people that got hurt pretty bad. Luckily, our timing was down and we managed to beat the waves. It was worth it, this picture is amazing!

This is a picture of me being taken advantage of by the locals. "Here hold this lizard." "Ok! That sounds like fun." "Alright that will be ten dollars." Geez they rip you off any way they can!

This was the last formal night on the ship. Doesn't Brian look sharp? It was fun to get dressed up. We really should do that more often.

The water is very dark and cloudy in the Pacific Ocean. Not knowing this, we decided to go snorkling in Puerta Vallarta. I was so dissappointed! We bought the "waterproof" camera specifically to go snorkling, but none of the pictures turned out in the dark water. Anyway, I guess our guide was sick of hearing me complain because he dove down in the water and found a starfish for me to look at.

This is Brian enjoying some Cocunut Milk. I didn't really like the taste of it that much, but it was kind of fun to walk the streets drinking from a coconut.

We made it!! One year May 08,2008.

Hiking By Our House:

Brian and I found a fun little canyon just up the street from our house. It is mostly owned by Kinnikot (ya I have no idea how to spell that). There are a lot of mines trails that we have managed to explore.
This is Bri free climing over some grafitti. There are so many neat places up the canyon that would be great for climbing. We couldn't find any bolts in the rock though. Oh well.

Here I am trying to look tough. Don't be fooled though, that rock is only about 3 feet tall. Ha ha.

This is us at the top of the mountain. We rode our four wheelers up this day. You can see the mine behind us. I could not believe how high up we were. We could see all the way from Utah Lake to the Great Salt Lake. We also could see Toole all the way past the East bench. The view was amazing.

Happy Birthday Kellie, Dune Trip:

My birthday is the best birthday there could ever be. It was July 4th. Sadly, everyone I know had plans on my birthday. Brian and I decided to go to the Little Sahara Sand Dunes. My first Dune trip ever! It was hot, dusty, and windy, but we had a blast.

Here I am all "geared" up. Safety First!

This was taken in the middle of nowhere. At least I had Brian to protect me.

I couldn't ask for a better sunset. Seriously, it was gorgeous!

Pioneer Day:

Since I didn't get any fireworks for my birthday, I made Brian take me to the Bees game on July 24th. I love watching baseball and the environment makes it so much fun. We ate hotdogs, peanuts, cotton candy, and pretzels. We definately enjoyed our night out at the ballgame.

Well as of now, those are the highlights from the summer. Hopefully we get a new camera soon so I can post some new pictures!


SWillmoreFamily said...

Wow, thats all I can say. It looks like you had an amazing summer. Some of those places you went looked so beautiful. I can not believe that you had a lizard on your head and you even got to hold a star fish. It looks like you guys are very outdoorsy people. I love that.

Rich, Kylee, Issac and Evan! said...

Great pics Kel! I hadn't seen any from your cruise so it was great the you posted them.

The Black's said...

Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday. Looks like your summer has been awesome.