Monday, August 25, 2008

Sergeant versus the World

Sorry that the video is really dark, but it was so funny, I had to post it! For the entire time that we have been married, we have had this globe sitting on our coffee table. We have had Sergeant since February, and not once has he ever noticed the globe. (Lucky for us, because now it is his sworn enemy). Brian and I were sitting on the couch talking about where we wanted to go on vacation next (I know we are so exciting) and we picked up the globe. Sergeant freaked out! His entire mission was to destroy the evil sphere and protect us. Dogs can be so entertaining. Of course we had to grab the video camera and reenact the entire event. The globe now sits on the side couch table, out of Sergeant's sight. I guess on the positive side of things, at least we have a dog that is willing to risk his life to save us from evil doings of interior decorations...


Megan said...

hey it's Megan (cooley) Hicken. how are you? I found your blog through Chelseys. I don't think i've seen you since we worked together at logan house. You look really good. Take a look at my blog
p.s. your dog is halarious. I love the video!

SWillmoreFamily said...

That is so funny your dog is way cute.
Hey we play softball thursday nights in Provo. I am glad that you are playing as well. It would be way fun to put a team together sometime.

sarah said...

oh my freaking HILARIOUS!!!