Thursday, August 7, 2008


Here you go AmyLynn!!

1. Fridge: Pretty empty, but at least we have lots of condiments and water!

2. Our Closet: It actually is very tidy, we just have a ton of clothes.

3. Self Portrait: This is what I look like after a 20 mile bike ride. We rode from our house (clear out past Bangater Highway) almost to I-15. I almost puked and it made me so loopy! 4. Favorite Room: Family Room, well it was the only room that was really clean;) Plus I had to show off the new TV!!

5. The Kitchen Sink: Thanks Bri for cleaning it! It looks great.

6. The Laundry Room: You probably cannot tell by the picture, but I put a lot of work into this room. The walls and the moldings were all white and I had to patch a huge hole that was in the wall. (Hints why I put up letters to cover what paint wouldn't).

7. The Toilet: Hmm Looks inviting doesn't it?

8. What are the kids doing right now: Well I never know where that hoodlum Mia is. She never even talks to me anymore....(for those of you that didn't read the first blog, Mia is my cat) Sergeant is just lying on his back enjoying his bone. Good Boy!

9. Dream Vacation: Brian and I are really fortunate and we have already been on my dream vacation, Italy. We are planning a trip to Australia next year though. I can't wait!

10. My favorite pair of Shoes: Um "pair"?? HA! I will post my 4.

These ones are my absolute favorite. You can tell by how worn they are. The heel is worn down to the nail. I probably should throw them away, but I just love them!

Brian told me that I had to buy some white, wedged shoes this summer. These are the ones I picked out. Looks like my toes have left some stains...gross

Just some cute black ones. Love the bow!

These are my work shoes and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes that I have ever owned. I would highly recommend them to anyone who works on their feet all day.

11. Brian requested that I add one more, the GARAGE (so he can show off his toys):

Ok so there you go! Now I tag everyone to do this post, you better get busy!!!


The Black's said...

Kellie, this is Chelsey Moultrie Black, You look beautiful, I love the house nad the shoes. You look so happy. Check out my blog !

sarah said...

nice work on the laundry room, and awesome tv. your dog is SO cute!! i'll let you know what and when the next adventure is!